John H. Peloza, MD takes immense pride in providing expert care to those who suffer from a wide range of spinal issues. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect and will be fully informed as to the details of your spine procedure. When you choose Dr. Peloza, you get his expert knowledge and experience.

Spine Treatment and Procedures

Conservative Treatments

Conservative treatment is commonly the first step before any surgical intervention. This may include medication, psychology, electrical stimulation, and physical therapy. Your spine doctor may suggest a brace for your back, neck, or body. For pain management at this stage, you may be encouraged to opt-in for injections.


Epidurals, facet injections, and intrathecal pain pumps all full under the category of “injections.” We have extensive experience in all of these procedures. In most cases, injections will be used to both discover the root cause and treat your spinal pain.

Motion Technology

Lumbar and cervical disc replacement procedures prove extremely successful in relieving our patients’ neck and back pain. We also provide you with CoFlex, which treats Stenosis and other common back injuries.

Non-Fusion Procedures

Non-fusion procedures we perform include microdiscectomy, decompression, foraminotomy, and laminoplasty. Each are used to relieve pressure if you have pain, weakness, or numbness due to spinal issues.

Fusion Procedures

Commonly used for treatment of scoliosis and other serious spinal issues, fusion procedures are a common occurrence at our center. We use this spinal procedure when conservative treatments are not enough to relieve patient pain and resolve the spinal issue.

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