John H. Peloza, MD is proud knowing that he is at the forefront of medical technology. Motion technology, from virtual reality to physical therapy games, can help a wide array of patients suffering from spine disorders, issues, and ailments. Our medical professionals are highly trained in traditional physical therapy techniques as well as new-age procedures that involve motion technology to help patients relearn, heal, and grow. Dr. Peloza can help you get back on your feet with techniques and therapy that’s tailored specifically for you. Read below to see some of the spine procedures he offers.


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A common form of spinal surgery, lumbar disc replacement, replaces a broken, separated, or problematic disc with one of our artificial ones. Our synthetic discs mimic your spine’s natural movement without you even noticing it’s in there. John H. Peloza, MD is one of the best in the country and will help you get rid of your back pain for good.

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A cervical disc replacement procedure is very similar to lumbar disc replacement in that a problematic disc is removed and replaced with a synthetic disc. In this case, the cervical disc at the base of the neck is replaced, rather than a disc along the spinal column. If your cervical disc needs to be replaced, you may suffer from chronic, debilitating neck pain, in which case this procedure will greatly benefit you.

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A non-fusion treatment, coflex is used to treat degenerative spinal stenosis as well as a number of other spinal issues. In contrast to other procedures, coflex offers quicker pain relief and faster recovery times, so you’ll get back to your favorite activities in no time. It also gives patients an improved range of motion as well as increased stability. Get back to your preferred way of life with professional spine doctor, John H. Peloza, MD.

John H. Peloza, MD only uses the best when it comes to medical technology. Let our expert spine doctor take care of you. Contact us today to get more information about our spine procedures.

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